the blood jet is poetry/there is no stopping it (frustratednsad) wrote in emptyday,
the blood jet is poetry/there is no stopping it

You, You, You + Ephemera #3! (revised) x-posted

It's not fair to suck me back in and then slap me in the face.
She already knows you love her
You didn't have to tell her right in front of me
You didn't have to shatter my psyche and rip my soul
With only my bad poetry and my razors to console me
My skin sliced open like an overripe pear
Every rolling ball of blood
A love letter to you...

Hey y'all! I'm currently accepting fliers and submissions for "the mental illness issue" of my zine Ephemera. MANY THANKS to everyone who has submitted to my animal issue, and apologies for not getting that together yet, but that one is being postponed a bit because this issue is doubling as a project for my Abnormal Psychology class. I'm accepting submissions until Nov. 15, a week from today, and if fliers could be sent as soon as possible that would be great. Also, feel free to check out my community chapbooking!
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