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the blood jet is poetry/there is no stopping it

"April Nights, 2003" + call for submissions for animal zine

The poem (critique ok)

Back-to-back-to-back evenings
A few feet away from you for hours at a time
But for all the good it did me
You might as well have been on Neptune

That look you gave me
When I said hello--
Not a look of anger or fear or anything, really
A look of nothing at all
A look as if I was transparent

Back in my room
the pain overflowing
spilling across my skin in angry streaks

And I decided:
I will stop lying
and pretending
That anything but you means anything
at all

And my existence--
Shredded fragments patched together
with my blood and your non-words--
will become a desperate truth.

The call for submissions (x-posted to various animal, writing, and zine communities)

The next issue of my zine Ephemera is going to be all about animals, and I'm looking for submissions. You can send in anything written or visual that involves animals in any way. The deadline is July 15. Please send me your submissions and any questions and pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. (Note for people who have ordered and not yet received copies of #'s 1 and 2: I have been sold out for awhile but those are going to be sent out this week. If you haven't ordered copies but want to then please do! There's a fresh batch!)
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